Our design team here in Miami loves to collaborate with Doro on our various needs throughout each project. Their work adds a handcrafted, local vibe that really elevates the overall design of each space. Working with the team at Doro is a pleasure and their quick response is always greatly appreciated in moving projects forward. Overall, Doro is a great company with beautiful, quality pieces!

Ariana PaulStantec Miami

Love working with Doro! Jonah and Timon are a super cool duo making designers and our clients happy.

David FontDavid Font Design

We chose Doro Designs for all of our interior and exterior wood slab table designs and more. They always delivered high quality products and communicated perfectly.

Jason ValentineOne Line Design

They do what they say, and say what they do!

Jorge BernalGensler Miami

The Doro team took on every spec we challenged them with and worked with us to make our design dreams come true.

Jackie GarciaOTJ Architects

Past Projects


Exotic furnishings that double as contemporary art, Doro uses sustainably sourced trees and individually handcrafts each piece to create a one of a kind, functional piece of art. The natural element of each piece is enhanced by the organic features exclusive to each piece of wood; from “live” edges to intricate grain patterns each piece is truly unique. The harmonious integration of wood and steel into the designs creates a balance of elegance and raw strength that energize the living space with a natural and progressive appeal.Our woods are cured through a combination of kiln-drying and naturally aged. Low moisture levels are confirmed, therefore ensuring future splitting and bowing will be extremely minimal to non-existent over the life of each piece.

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