Old is the New New

Antique Boat Chain Table Petrified Wood Coffee TableWe have recently designed two new pieces by working with material ranging from 100 years old to 20 million years old!

Our antique anchor chain coffee table uses heavy-link boat chain welded into a free-flowing form that suspends a Stone Effect Suar wooden slab. The chain’s beauty comes from many decades of exposure to the elements. The ‘Stone Effect’ top comes from an elaborate six-step process which includes hot coals. Dimensions 33-35″ W x 69″ L x 20″ H

The second piece is a coffee table that merges one of our rustic petrified wood slabs with reclaimed solid teak beams as legs.   Dimensions 35″ W x 48″ L x 21″ H

Both pieces epitomize a unique beauty that can only be achieved through extended periods of time; rest assured, they will continue to survive another eon unlike some “Ikeafied” furniture out there!

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